August 2, 2019

Issue 240

Editor: Roleta Smith Meredith

Publisher: Jalon Smith Burton


Many of you may not know that my family moved to Stealey when I was in the 5th grade. I graduated from WI when I was just 17 years of age. Then, I went to Fairmont State College and my parents sold our home and moved to Ohio. Yes, I only lived in Clarksburg for 8 years. But I loved everything about it and it certainly became my home. I made contact with some classmates after many years and started attending any reunion that was held. I even worked on many of them.

In 1999, after finding it difficult to locate people for a class reunion and keep track of them, I started the Newsletter for my classmates, so we could stay in touch. Judy Daugherty, a classmate, was married to Larry Kimler, a computer guru. They found a website where we could post the newsletter. Thus, we were on the road!

As you know, many others became interested and after a few years, I decided that in order to make them feel welcome, I would rename the newsletter the WI Newsletter. I have always welcomed anyone to become a reader and, of course, their task was to write and share some memories with us. Thus, the newsletter grew. Little did I know that we would, in time, be reaching people from most of the other Harrison County schools (and further). I have received correspondence from many people who are from Clarksburg, but live all around the world.

In 2002, I had the first Clarksburg Picnic in Sarasota Florida. It was so much fun. The reason behind it was to get people from WI/Clarksburg together “down south” ... for those who lived there or vacationed there.

In 2004, I came up with another idea! If so many people really loved Clarksburg enough to want to write and trade memories of that great place, why couldn’t we combine our efforts and raise money for a scholarship to benefit a child graduating from R.C. Byrd High School? Pay it forward, if you will? Thus, in 2005, you responded to my request and we gave $500.00 to a student. What a great feeling it was to be helping others.

In 2006, Sue Selby Moats (WI 1955) organized a group of women who were interested in quilting and they started making a quilt each year to help raise money for the WIN (WI Newsletter) Scholarship. They made a quilt for 13 straight years. The last one was awarded in 2019. Through the years, this was the only money maker we ever had. All additional funds for the scholarship were from the generous gifts of our readers. 

Thanks to Sue Selby Moats and her group of WIN Scholarship Quilters for helping us raise money to support the Scholarship growth.

In October 2009, I talked Bill, my husband, into being my Sports Editor. He loves sports and will talk about WVU sports with anyone. Plus, he seems to know a little bit about most other sports. He is indeed a “Sports Nut!” and has done an excellent job for ten years. 

Thank you, Bill, for helping me.

Sadly, in 2014, Judy Daugherty, my high school friend and my assistant for 15 years in this venture, passed away. I was devastated. My daughter created a Google account for me so that we may move the newsletter to a Blogspot address, but that was all Greek to me. Thankfully, the newsletter could be patterned after my sister Jalon’s existing Google Blogspot. I was hoping that she could help me learn how to use it. The biggest problem was that I am a hands-on type of learner and my sister lives in Georgia, while I live in Florida. Thus, again I was getting the newsletter proofread and published via email. So, bless my little sis's heartshe has been doing the Blogspot newsletter now for the last 5 years.

Thank you so much, Jalon.

Now it is 2019 and the Newsletter has survived and prospered. A little less than a year ago, I set a goal. I would complete my twentieth year doing the newsletter with the 240th August 2019 issue and this would be my last one.

I am sure many of you are asking, “Why didn’t she tell us?” I know you realize that this is a very difficult decision for me and I didn’t want to prolong it. The decision was too hard to share earlier and discuss over and over again. So, I thought it best to do it this way.

It has been wonderful getting to know so many of you. And a lot of you have been very helpful to me. I made friends and lost friends which was very hard for me emotionally. There are so many special people here. I don’t want to try to thank you all by name, because I don’t want to miss anyone. 

So, thanks to everyone for sharing your memories!

I can never explain how great it has been. But it is time for me to move on to some things that I have been wanting to do for years, but never had the time. Part of my heart will always be in Clarksburg and memories of my friends old and new. And a piece of my heart will especially be with the people I met through the WI Newsletter.

I will forever love the beautiful state of West Virginia; it is in my blood!

Go Hilltoppers!!! (that will never die as long as some of us are still kicking).

Let’s Go Mountaineers! Bill and I will be WVU fans forever.

My email address is still and I am always here. I hope you will drop me a line, I will be retired from the newsletter but I would still love to hear from you.

Roleta Meredith


Many years ago, when Roleta asked me to handle the sports for her newsletter, I was very reluctant to take on the task. After all, this was a newsletter about Clarksburg and I had never even lived in Harrison County. However, I agreed to give it a try, because I've always loved to discuss sports with just about anyone. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. As the title of this piece states, "It has been fun".

Through the years, you and I have written about sports at a lot of high schools, like Washington Irving, of course, but so many others - old schools from Victory to R W, from Kelly Miller to Salem and all points in between. I even got in a few lines about my old high school in Monongah. We've also discussed sports at R C Byrd and Bridgeport, in addition to most of the current high schools in North Central West Virginia. We remembered conferences - the Big Ten and Big Nine, Little Ten, Mason-Dixon, NCAC and a couple of others.

Then, there are the many college teams and conferences we have recalled. Although our coverage leaned toward the Mountaineers, there was always time for Marshall, Fairmont State, Salem, WV Wesleyan and other state schools. We lived through WVU's acceptance into the Big 12 and some of us still question the move. We lived (and died) with Bob Huggins' teams, especially the last one. Yes, we were disappointed a lot, but we continue to love every minute of the action, regardless of the season.

Individual athletes we've discussed are too numerous to mention. Let's just say that North Central WV has produced some great ones and I'm proud to have known several of them.

Most importantly, I want to thank all of those readers who have taken the time to write to us. I've met dozens of wonderful people through your letters and comments. As I've said many times, you were the newsletter. I was just the conduit through which you delivered your thoughts and opinions. I am thankful that we had very few complaints, even though there were some lively discussions.

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Roleta, for 20 years of faithful service to you and me, our readers. Yes, I read the newsletter and enjoy it as much as anybody. While my small part of this undertaking only required a few hours each month, this newsletter consumed most of Roleta's spare time since 1999. By my rough estimate, she has spent somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 hours working on your great newsletter. After being introduced to the WI Newsletter, several people from all parts of the country have told us that it is the finest newsletter of its kind they have ever seen. All I can say is, "I agree".

Remember, my email address won't change and I would still love to hear from you about sports. Plus, you won't have to wait until next month to get my reply. Stay well and keep smiling and may God Bless each of you.

Bill Meredith (Monongah HS 1957)


Even though we have stopped publishing the monthly newsletter, you will still be able to access the past newsletters and all of our history. This Blogspot address and our WI Newsletter will be here. The WI History and all the things that Tim Cork created for us will be here, including the WI Yearbooks, WI Graduates and WI Teachers links.  You can come back any time and read the facts and shared memories.

Write down this address (or bookmark it) and it will get you here, so that all you have to do is search around this HOME page and explore. Just click on the Newsletter's additional page tabs located across the top of any page to enjoy plenty of great additional information. You can even read old WI newsletter issues by scrolling down the right-hand side menu of any page of the newsletter to the ARCHIVE section (for the last 5 years) and click on the newsletter you wish to read.

This address will bring up the last newsletter we published, August 2019 (the HOME PAGE). Jalon has formatted the site so that everything is available to you on the right-hand side menu column of any page and the additional page tabs located above. 

Thank you, Jalon Smith Burton for the splendid job you have done each month proofreading, formatting and publishing this newsletter.


With the 2019 WI Newsletter, we have given back through our gift of education the amount of $70,000.00 as a way to say thank you to our great hometown of Clarksburg and the state of West Virginia.

For all of you that have given over the years, pat yourself on the back. These kids will never forget you!

The Scholarship will continue. I will continue collecting your gifts and will work with the RC Byrd Counselors to select a recipient. We will be issuing scholarships until the WIN Scholarship bank account runs dry.

If you still wish to help with this scholarship, make your checkout to:
Roleta Meredith / WIN Scholarship

Mail it to:            Roleta G. Meredith
                             3201 Charles MacDonald Drive
                             Sarasota Florida 34240

Remember, you will no longer be receiving a reminder. This is my last plea!

Thanks to all for giving from your heart.


I received this from several friends of the newsletter who wrote often through the years. Thanks guys.

Now I am sharing with you. 

We danced to this music a lot at the Clique Club, Friends Place, The Melody Manor, Mill Club, and especially Green Parrot! Sorry, this may not touch you but I am sitting here listening to this and crying... remembering my youth and my friends for the past 20 years. Yep, I am a sentimental fool!

We were very fortunate to have lived in such an era. 
Enjoy the past as revealed here. 
Who knows what the future will bring?




From Mike Snyder (WI 1957)

1957 Pontiac Super Chief Convertible
Remember When

As a member of the WI class of 1957, I had to get a picture of this beautiful chunk of Detroit sculpture.
I spotted it on July 5 at the Elkins classic car show. And how could I turn down the great chance to sit behind the wheel of this monument to the Fabulous Fifties when our All-American city of Clarksburg and our state and nation were enjoying the greatest prosperity in our history. 
Mr. Summerfield, class of 1956 Tygart Valley HS, is standing beside yours truly (who's waving). The Summerfields have owned this beauty since the 1970's. Nephew Josh, present owner, from Belington snapped this photo.


This month I received a nice check for the scholarship fund from Cinda Frenzel O’Neill (WI 1966). Thank you Cinda for helping us to say thank you to our school, town and state by helping these kids with their first-year college expenses.

Elise Pettrey Guthridge sent a nice check to the WIN Scholarship fund. Thank you, Elise. That was very nice of you to think of the kids in Clarksburg who will soon be going to college and your money will go toward helping to ease the expense of their first year.

I also heard from Terry Snider Fazio (WI 1967) who sent a nice gift to the Scholarship in memory of Brenda Stewart Morrison, and Brenda Stealey Houge. What a wonderful, thoughtful jester to do in memory of your friends. Thank you.

I received a check from, James D. and Mary Ann Burnell (didn’t give school or year of graduation) Thank you so much.

Thanks to all for giving from your heart.

(WI 1952)

Written by Joe Malone (WI 1952)

In the WI 1952 class there was a guy named Herb Cottrill. He grew up on Baltimore St.; attended Point Comfort Elementary School, and Central Jr. HS and somehow ended up at WI. He was the "little guy" on our basketball team, An "ankle-biter"; rug-rat; high speed; good shooter; not as good as Bob McCarty but a whole lot better than me. That's how I first met him.

After graduation, we didn't see or talk to each other until our 25th and 50th Reunions 1977 and 2002. By then, Herb had picked up a Masters from WVU; married Jeannie Bevan (WI 1956) w/a handful of kids & grandkids; had coached in MD & VA high schools and gone into administration; was retired from Charlottesville VA public schools, but still working as a consultant to School Boards while living in Charlottesville, VA. We hooked up, and, along with McCarty, we attended several years of ACC & NCAA basketball tournaments. Trust me - It was high school all over again, only better.

Over those years, we lost our spouses. Bob's now gone also and Herb lives in a condo in C'ville along with his canine constant companion, "SADIE". I am fortunate to be able to visit with Herb in C'ville annually and have met Sadie. She is clearly the "Love of his Life". They take 3-5-mile walks daily and he claims that, at 85, she is the reason he's alive.

If there are any readers out there who knew Herb 70 years ago, they would agree with me that he would have been one of the last people to put pen to paper at the age of 15-18,  however read his poem below.


Long, long walks through a park. Things I have never seen before.

Sadie has allowed my eyes to open. Sadie has allowed my mind to see.

The swan that I never saw before. The Heron perched on a pond rock.

The turtles just emerging from the winter sleep. The ducks moving together with mom.

The trees with new buds emerging. The crocus breaking through the winter ground.

Walks with Sadie have opened my eyes. Walks with Sadie have allowed my mind to see.

At age 85, I have found what I have missed Sadie.


From: Judy Ash Guy (WI 1950)

In the July issue of the WI Newsletter you posted an article requesting information on a school song "GOLD AND BLUE" by Charles Gianque.
In 1949-50, Mr. Gianque was a new music teacher at WI. He wrote this song and tried to replace the old "Hail Washington Irving" (the alma mater and fight song) with his new offering. As you can see, it didn't work. The student body rejected it and kept belting out "Hail Washington Irving" at all the school programs, games and parades.
As you noted, the original “Hail Washington Irving” was written by E. W. James (of James & Law) and Miss Yoak.
Another tidbit - the James family lived directly across Lee Avenue from WI.

Note from Editor:
Thank you, Judy, for the information and the interesting tidbit about Mr. James and Miss Yoak.



Hello Classmates.

Time has gone by so quickly and before you know it, it will be time for our 55th reunion. I recently sent out mass emails to my current email addresses. We are getting a very positive response. It looks like another great reunion. If you already responded, it is not necessary to respond again. If you did not receive an email, check your spam, as some mass emails end up there, or email me your latest email address to (Marsha Golden Caplinger).

We wanted to reach out to each of you a little early in order to give you some idea of the results of our first committee meeting. We discussed several options and came up with a few ideas. It was suggested that we could have the reunion sometime in August or even extend the time into September 2020, since most all of us are now retired and our children are grown. Then if some of you would like to go to a football game at the Robert C. Byrd High School that could be an option. We could possibly arrange for a tour at Washington Irving. We also discussed possibly for Friday night maybe a gathering at Twin Oaks. For Saturday night, as some of you may know, the old Robinson Grand Theater has been restored and is now open! It has been a very successful venue for concerts, movies, local talents, and many other events. They also have available rooms for large groups to meet for many uses and especially for our class reunion.

This is just the beginning suggestions to start. If any of you have any suggestions or recommendations, we ask that you please let us know, such as what month you desire, or places to have our gatherings, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

We will be forwarding information through Facebook, but mostly our contact will be by email, since Facebook postings do not seem to reach everyone and I’m afraid it is not that reliable. We will be sending out emails first to our current email list and request updated email addresses.

Unfortunately, it seems like every 5 years many addresses change, so we would request that each of you take the time to send an email to

Please jot down your name (ladies add your maiden name), current mailing address and email address that you prefer we use to notify you of all events. This will enable us to know for which classmates we have correct addresses.

PLEASE help us. Even though it is early, we would ask that you let us know your interest in attending in 2020, if you plan to come, are interested in coming, or are unsure. Please let us know something so we can have an idea how many classmates are interested in attending. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity.


Class of 1974 we are planning our 45th reunion this October 19th at the Robinson Grand Theater. We are still in the planning stages but trying to reach as many as we can without mailing out a notice. If you are interested even if you were not in our class but at school with us please feel free to contact me! Jackie Donnellon Costello. You can friend me on FB at Jacqueline Donnellon Costello or on our class Page “Washington Irving High School Class of 1974 and others” or email me at

If you know someone who graduated in 1974 or close then, please share this information with them. The more the merrier!

Thank you so much!

We have a FB page! Our page is “Washington Irving High School Class of 1974 and others.”


WHERE: Twin Oaks
DATE: August 23rd 2019
TIME: 6:00 p.m.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact:

John Teter at:
Patty HICKMAN Cravey at:

You will be responsible for your own dinner and drinks, but the FUN and STORIES will be at the expense of those in attendance.

AUGUST 24 2019

The WI Annual Picnic will be held on August 24 2019 at the HILLTOP PAVILION at the VA Park. Arrive around 11:30 and start visiting and seeing old friends from your past.

We have a lot of new things for you this year as we like to keep everyone excited to attend. We have prizes for the person who comes the farthest, the person from the oldest class and the person from the youngest class.

We are providing the drinks, the plates, cups and utensils as usual. We are also providing the main entrees, which include wings, meatballs and hot dogs in chili. This will give you an idea of what you might like to bring as your contribution to go with these main dishes. Some suggestions are potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, garden salad, veggie tray, relish tray, chips and dip, pretzels, nachos and dip and all of these items can be picked up at Walmart or Kroger at East Pointe. Of course, we always welcome your favorite homemade dish and deserts. A favorite of everyone is pepperoni rolls too.

So, let’s start making plans to get together again this year.

Any questions, please contact Penny Donnelly

 (above photo)

Recognize any names?


From: Greg Merrill (no school or year was given)

Sorry I am late on the June Picture - truck o tel - I have been traveling a lot. I lived by WHAR and we owned the land behind the motel and next to Truck o tel. The Fazzini family ran the truck O tel for years as well as the hotel that was owned by Sam Salerio (I believe). I visited Truck O Tel many times during my high school days. They had a pin ball machine and other games that in most cases helped my weekly allowance to be expanded. The State Troopers would come in often to visit and were good friends and customers with the Fazzini. On Sunday, the blue law would not permit them to play jukebox or open for business until around 12-1pm. Ate there often at the counter. As a High School kid--hamburger, fries and a milk shake. Upstairs were showers and small sleeping facilities for the truckers. Got to know Bernie Fazzini well and still stop in and see him when visiting Clarksburg.

Note from Editor:
Thanks for writing a very interesting letter. I remember the Blue Law. I sort of wish we still had the Blue Law. One reason, I go to church on Sunday and I think perhaps a lot of little neighborhood churches would not be struggling as much if the stores were closed on Sunday morning. Also, I remember coming home from church and it was a family day with all of us sitting down to have a meal together. Boy those were great times, weren’t they?
Just a small look into my youth: My father was always involved in church activities. As a child if my brother or I were too sick on Sunday morning to go to church, we were not allowed out of the house until after church let out and people had enough time to get home. So, there was actually no reason to fake sickness to try to get out of going to church, because back in those days the fun things were outside!


From: Bob Kramer (WI 1965)

This is me in 1967 in my 48 Anglia that I WAS building to drag race at Eldora Drag Strip. We would go to the drag stop on weekends and then go to the Satellite and see the cars that were at Eldora.

From: John A. Teter (WI 1961)

In the July issue of the newsletter, I wrote about a dance I attended while in high school. I also had a picture of me and my date; however, I provided the incorrect name of my date.
Patty Gemma was an actual person, but not the one in the picture with me in the 1960 formal wear. Patty Gemma may have actually gone to Notre Dame. I knew her as she lived on Main Street in Goff Plaza where Main Street and Buckhannon Pike intercept - across from what is now Hardee's. The reason that Billy May's wife caught my error was that Edith Kline May lived on the other side of the intersection and was friends with Patty Gemma, AND, my best friend during my WI days (Bill Post) actually dated Patty Gemma at some point when I was "sort of" dating Edith KLINE May.
Sorry for the blunder on the last name.

Given our mutual interest in our youth, answering the last question in the song certainly is near impossible but it is worth listening/watching for memories.

Although Don McLean only released the song in 1971, for those of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, this is a great piece with some very poignant moments in the history of those times.

And for those of you who did not, it’s a taste of what you missed!

I have listened and sung American Pie for many years and I thought I understood what was being sung but now realize that I didn’t!

However, when the words are put together with pictures and film clips the song takes on a new meaning.

It took a lot of thought to produce this and it brings back lots of memories and also makes the lyrics really come alive!

So walk down Memory Lane with me one more time!


From: Linda Nutter Bimmel (WI 1966)

The picture is Stealey United Methodist church on Milford Street across from the Stealey playground.
I was married there in 1967 and attended until I went to San Francisco with my late husband, Ernest while he completed a military commitment at the Presidio.
Ernie's entire family was charter members last name Holden. The church is still there and operating but has a very small membership now.
Thanks a million for the work on the newsletter. I look forward to reading every word every month.

From: Marcia Young Fletcher (WI 1964)

The July Mystery Picture is of the Stealey United Methodist Church, formerly called Stealey Heights Methodist Church, on Milford Street (US-19) in Stealey. With weekly church services, Sunday school, vacation bible school, Boy Scouts, Methodist Youth Fellowship, choir practice, bible study groups and other organized activities, my family members spent many hours there between 1946 and 1975.
On March 18, 1952, a Cherub Choir performance was broadcast live from the church over WBLK radio. Age 5, I sang a solo, "Can a Little Child Like Me," for that performance. I remember learning the words by following pictures my mother drew for me, but I don't remember the performance itself. My dad left a work meeting to listen to it on his car radio, and I have a record of the performance in my possession. Someday I may actually make the effort to find a record player to listen to it. (Note: Some of you will remember my mother, Mrs. Young, WI Librarian, 1964-1968.)

From: John Probst (WI 1964)

This is the Stealey Heights Methodist Church, now Stealey United Methodist. I lived just behind it on Musgrave St. My dad was on the church board and mom sang in the choir in the 50s and 60s. I got married to my first wife Joyce Scolish, (WI class of 1964) there in 1987.
It had a real pipe organ and a system that played chimes out of speakers in the tower before church. The part on the right was the Education Building added, I think in the 60s. I used to DJ dances in the church basement when I was in high school.

From: Mary Anderson Price (WI 1972)

The picture is of Stealey United Methodist Church.
My son attended the Cub Scouts in the late 70s early 80s I believe.
They also were the site for a public Child Care Center and I was their child care center licensing specialist through the state.
It is still an active church and recently became part of the Stealey United Methodist Temple Charge. They also have a food pantry located there.

From: Helen R (Anne) Keith (WI 1949)

Not only did I attend this church, but my father was a Sunday School teacher there until he was in his early 90’s!

From: Willard ‘Bud” Wheelock (WI 1960)

In regard to the July picture- it is the Stealey Methodist Church on Milford Street. I and my family attended there until 1977 when they got involved in local politics and We went elsewhere.

From: Bob Alton (Victory High School 1955)

The picture is of the Stealey Methodist Church. I lived in the apartment building next door (519 Milford St) in the mid-fifties. My cousin had a contract as a janitor at the church, and many times I earned a few dollars helping him.
I also worked across the street at George's Cities Service all through high school. I recognize many names that appear in the Newsletter. Lots of good memories!
Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the rest of us!

From: Bill White (WI 1956)

I graduated from WI with the Class of 1956 and have been enjoying your newsletter for a long time, but have been a very poor contributor for which I ask to be forgiven. But I could not resist responding to the current mystery picture which is the Stealey Methodist Church on Milford Street. My family moved to Clarksburg from Uniontown, PA in 1946 and we occupied a house on Fairview Ave. in Stealey until a year later when we moved into a new home on upper Stealey Ave, where we lived until 1961. From the time we arrived in Clarksburg until I left in 1966, my entire family attended the Stealey Methodist Church and I literally grew up there. It will always hold a very special place in my heart.
As a small boy, I attended a Sunday school class taught by Miss Jane Stealey who lived up the street on Milford in a big White House. Mrs. Pierpoint, a 6th grade teacher at Morgan School (where I entered Miss Israel’s 3rd. Grade class when we came to Clarksburg) lived close by the Stealey’s. Later on, I became a Cub Scout in the Pack at the church and then graduated to the Boy Scout troop there. The troop dissolved a couple of years later for lack of a Scoutmaster.
The funeral services for both of my parents were conducted by the Pastor of the Stealey church
The memories of the experiences at that church are dear to me and always will be.
Thank you Roleta for the wonderful and dedicated job you continue to do to publish this Newsletter to all of us.
Blessings to you and Bill.

From: Bob Kramer (WI 1965)

The picture is of the Stealey Methodist Church across from the playground on Milford St. We had Cub Scout meetings in the basement. Across the street was George Kovacks gas station.

From: Carolyn Reynolds Burnside (WI 1952)

The mystery picture is the Stealey United Methodist Church on Milford Street. I grew up on Hall Street and attended Sunday School there (before the addition on the right). Occasionally, Grandmother Harris took me to a service. The minister Mr. Fox wore a morning coat with striped trousers --- very formal. I also attended Girl Scouts there --- in the basement. As an adult, I attended a funeral and was surprised that the sanctuary is small.

From: Helen R (Anne) Keith (WI 1949)

Stealey Methodist Church. Not only did I attend this church, but my father was a Sunday School teacher there until he was in his early 90’s!

Note from Editor:

Yes, indeed this is the Stealey Methodist Church located on Milford Street in Stealey section of Clarksburg. My family moved to Stealey in 1951 years and this was our church. Each of my family were church members. My sister, Jalon, was baptized as a baby there. My father was on the board, and was a Sunday School Superintendent of the youth department. I attended Sunday School, was in the youth choir, attended MYF, represented the church at youth camp for several summers, and helped out with Bible School several times. I can’t remember all of the ministers that were there but I do remember Rev. Carlson who was followed by Rev. Moore.  We moved to Ohio in 1960.

From: Ray Allen (WI 1959)

I have been gone from W VA for so many years that I have my memory refreshed by the newsletter each month. I would not be one to contribute.
The product you put out is terrific. Thanks for all you do.

From: Dr. Chuck Thomas (WI 1956)

Through the years, Don Sager, Augie Malfregeot, Rusty and Dotty Rutan, and Bob McGee have kept me in the loop, enabling me to stay in touch with many WI classmates and other WI graduates. I consider you and your creation of the WI Newsletter like the famous story of Alexander Graham Bell calling Watson from the room he was working on his telephone: “Could you come in here, Watson?”
To lapse into a loftier hyperbole, if I won the 20-million-dollar lottery, I would try to find a place on a vacant hill in Clarksburg—one we could all see from our cars when we’d be driving into our old home town—and to create a Clarksburg version of Mount Rushmore. Except the visages we would be seeing would be of you, Roleta, Bill, and those WI people who have helped you set up your electronic, WI Newsletter monthly issues, and the Sarasota Reunions. I think you might be surprised how many of your WI friends—old and new—would support that idea.
My wife has attended the last few WI Summer Reunions, and we are both looking forward to attending the next one on Saturday, August 24th 2019 at 10:30 AM.
We owe Mike Snyder, my WVU Signa Fi Nothing frat brother, BIG TIME for his article about my hitchhiking and deplorable grades. But we need to continue the story. My wife finds it hilarious that I barely graduated from high school. I then saved $1,600 in the Marine Corps to begin to pay my way through WVU by working three on-campus, part-time jobs simultaneously; as a glasscutter apprentice at the PPG working one summer and on school breaks, and graduated from college in 3 years and 6 weeks. Later, midway in my college teaching career, I was presented the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in teaching by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. In truth, I did fall through the cracks in high school. To end up a university professor with five academic degrees—including my doctorate—required endless hours of work and admittedly is something rather ironic. My goal from the eighth grade on was to go to WVU and be the wildest party guy that ever went to WVU. Fortunately, I failed at that goal.


Ray Allen (WI 1959)
Ken Menendez (Victory 1958)
Ruby Matthews Casto (VHS 1947)


Obit was shared by Scott Welch (WI 1950), son of Lynn Welch

Lynn L. Welch, 86, a good and gentle man, passed away Wednesday, June 26, 2019.
Lynn was the third son of Preston Welch and Genevieve Allen Welch of Clarksburg, WV. Growing up, he loved to spend time at Lake Floyd in the summers; being on the Allen family farm with his uncle Wayne. He loved boating, fishing, hunting and camping. He was very much a family man and enjoyed close relationships with his brothers John (deceased) and Jim. Lynn met Janet Duncan in 1955 and they spent 64 years happily married, supporting each other in every way.
After serving a tour of duty with the Army during the Korean War, Lynn returned to complete his college education. An educator for over 30 years, Lynn taught many years at North and Kenmore High Schools along with being the swim coach for Kenmore. He cared for all of his students. He saw potential in each of them and was proud of their accomplishments.
While the last few years were challenging for Lynn as the Alzheimer's progressed; he still found joy in his life and brought the same to those who interacted with him. Despite the challenges, he kept his sense of humor, and remained more concerned about his loved ones than for himself.
Lynn is survived by his wife, Janet; sons, Lynn A. (Lillian) of North Royalton and Scott (Carleen) of Hudson, OH; grandsons, Justin (Megan) of Brewster, OH and Andrew and Evan of Hudson, OH; brother, Jim of Nashville; brothers-in-law, Roger Duncan (Jody) of The Villages, FL, and Allan Duncan (Diane) of Grass Valley, CA; as well as many precious nephews and nieces.

(WI 1953)
Clarence Lee “Clancy” “C.L.” Smith, of Kihei, Hawaii, formerly of Somerdale, NJ, passed away peacefully on June 10, 2019, at age 83, after a hard-fought battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his wife, Terry, son, Mark, and daughter, Shari.
Clancy was born to Clarence Lester and Delma Bailey Smith on July 1, 1935, in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He graduated Class of 1953 from Washington Irving High School and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he studied Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation in 1959, he moved to New Jersey and began his career with RCA-Camden, where he worked for 41 years.
He was married to Nancy Anne Mueller for 33 years and together they raised their family in Somerdale. Following Nancy’s death in 1992, he spent time in Maui, Hawaii, where he met, and in 1999 married, Terry Long. They enjoyed 20 years of marriage and traveled between Canada and Hawaii, with numerous trips to New Jersey and Massachusetts to visit his children and grandchildren.
Clancy was a Corvette enthusiast, belonging to several Corvette clubs and attended many car shows. He will be fondly remembered for his love of photography, sunsets and the many thousands of photos he took of them. He was active in the First Presbyterian Church of Somerdale and at the Kihei Baptist Chapel. His travels took him throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and numerous Pacific Islands. He enjoyed attending minor league baseball games with family.
Clancy is survived by his wife, Terry; son, Mark (Maureen); and daughter, Shari (Britt). He will be greatly missed by his five grandchildren, Samantha, Leighann, Jacquelyn, Julia and Joseph.